Submit Music

We are always looking for new tunes for our station. If you would like to submit your music for consideration for airplay, do the following things:


Send a file of your release or a link to your downloadable release plus a press kit to:

Make sure that you send audio files in one of the following formats:
MP3 (320kbps) | FLAC | WAV

We listen to everything that comes across the desk, but we get a lot of stuff so this can take awhile. We will contact you if your music is accepted. If you prefer a faster processing and a guaranteed feedback you can submit your music through HumanHuman and get the additional chance to get listed on one of the 20 antibiOTTICs Spotify playlists.


For enthusiastic music fans like us, it is still great when we get physical products as promotion. So we are happy if you send your release in CD or Vinyl format to:

Nerdbomb Promotion & Media
Gerd Hoeschen
D-53489 Sinzig

Make sure that you add enough postage and do a proper customs declaration. Otherwise it’s possible that the music will be returned to the sender. You can expect a faster processing for physical submissions.


You want more promotion for your music? Then we recommend the following:

Submit your music for the Spotify playlists of our partner site antibiOTTICs.
Send your music to 200+ handpicked influencers that are interested in your style/genre
Join the antibiOTTICs Patreon blog with information on how to self-promote your music
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Get contact information for over 3,000 popular Spotify playlists.
Get detailed contact information for over 3,400 YouTube playlists.